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Dear friends, guests, visitors and new members,

We will give you a short information about our terrain at Längstlerhof 3- in the middle of the ”Pfälzer Wood”.

BffL Kaiserslautern is a small Club of common utility and a member of the German Nudist Association. Our terrain is a small paradies made for recovery, sports and an individual way of spending holidays. Our members and guests are allowed to set up their tents or caravans on one of our 60 parcels. All of our parcels have current. We also have enough possibilities to get fresh water. The common kitchen in our Club-house can be used for a little duty.

Our toilets and the showers are placed in cellar of the Club-house and in the new-built Youthbuilding. In our Club-house in the upper area of our terrain you can find a huge community-room, which can be used for communication between members and guests and evening-programs. For the Youth of our Club and their guests, we have new built Youth-rooms for using. Everyone is allowed to pass a few nights in there.

For fitness-activities you can use our swimming-pool ( 12,50 x 6 m ) and 2 volleyball-courts.Boule/Petanque can be played on separate areas. You can always find partners for these sports in the summer, because many of our members are joining our camping site for a long time then. Small groups are doing running and walking regularly. Of cause our guests are invited to take part in every activity.

You can find good possibilities for hiking near our terrain in the ”Pfälzer Wood”. The cities of Otterberg, Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl and Wolfstein are interesting for sightseeing-trips. But the surroundings are also suitable for biking-trips ( you should be prepared for some hills ).

A day-trip to the cities Worms, Speyer and Mainz, where you can visit the great cathedrals, is commendable. To visit Heidelberg should be a fixed part in your planning, but also Idar-Oberstein with its famous jewels is a lovely possibility for a short trip. Dahn at the ”Weinstraße” and France are also very likely. If you have any questions about trips you can ask our members everytime.

The access to our terrain is in Sembach. Sembach is set at the Landstraße L401/ A63 between Kaiserslautern und Mainz.

In Sembach you leave the Bundesstraße vis-a vis the cardealer “Stolze”. You drive along a field-path into a forest. First you pass a farm, then you are driving under the motorwaybridge, further through forest until another farm becomes visible, it`s Längstlerhof 3, which is set upon a small hill. After the bend you take the right road, where you can see a barrier. That’s the way to our terrain. On the door you have to ring the bell two times.

For shopping you can drive to Sembach or Mehlingen, where you can find a supermarket. In Enkenbach-Alsenborn you have some possibilities where you can buy things, but for larger shopping-tours you should drive to Kaiserslautern, which is about 10 kilometers away.

It is very important to posses a valid DFK or INF identity-card to be guest at our camping site. For the time you spend at our camping site you will get a key for the entrance-doors. From May to October it is always possible to visit our camping site. In other month you should contact us. Notification to  Wolfgang Scherpf (0631 470450) is important to certain the arrival at a fixed day.

Thank you for your interest and we hope, we gave you some useful information about us.


cats and dogs are disallowed on our camping ground


Was wurde so alles geboten !!!

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